Stamped Concrete Driveway Options For Different Home Styles

If you want to install a stamped concrete driveway on your property, you can customise it to improve the kerb view and harmonise with your house, regardless of its architectural style. Here are several options. Traditional Homes For a traditional home, the contractors can treat the concrete driveway to mimic bricks or cobblestones. To create the lines and patterns of this paving, they press moulded stamps into the cement before it completely hardens.

Four Ways Residential Concrete Landscaping Professionals Can Update Your Yard

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for residential landscaping. It's durable and versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you're building a new home or simply updating your backyard, concrete is an excellent choice for your landscaping needs. Here are four ways residential concrete landscape professionals can update your yard: 1. Residential Concrete Landscaping Professionals Can Install Patio Slabs A patio slab is an easy way to add a functional and aesthetic feature to your yard.

Decorative Concrete Possibilities for Your Backyard Pathways

Walkways in your backyard may take you from one point to another, so they need to be practical. But you can also make them decorative. If your yard doesn't have a patio or pool deck paving, jazzing up the pathways will bring beauty to the space. Here are several ways to update plain grey paths using decorative concrete. Stamped Concrete Stamped concrete can mimic many substances, such as stone or timber.