Beautiful, Strong and Compelling Concrete: Ideas, Tips and More

Decorative Concrete Possibilities for Your Backyard Pathways

Walkways in your backyard may take you from one point to another, so they need to be practical. But you can also make them decorative. If your yard doesn't have a patio or pool deck paving, jazzing up the pathways will bring beauty to the space. Here are several ways to update plain grey paths using decorative concrete.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can mimic many substances, such as stone or timber. Contractors press mats into the cement to leave grooves and indents on the surface. For example, they can lay decorative concrete that looks like brick pavers. The contractors will simply use the appropriate moulds that give the impression of bricks and grout lines. They can apply colours in reds, tans and browns to give a realistic look. You can combine two patterns as well. For example, stamps can be used to create the side edges of rectangular pavers. Different textured mats can be used for the middle section to give the look of random, crazy paving.

Stencilled Pathways

Another way to decorate your pathways is to lay new concrete and use stencils to create patterns on the surface. While the stamping process uses rubber moulds, stencilling uses a grid pattern made from disposable water-resistant paper. The stencils mimic the grout lines of pavers. After they're laid on the concrete, dry shake colours are applied to the exposed parts. Meanwhile, the areas covered by the stencil pattern will remain grey and look like grout. Stencils also come in many other patterns, such as ashlar and running bond designs. You could create a charcoal diamond pattern on the pathways. Consider the house cladding and other features in the landscape when picking a design.

Exposed Aggregate

Another way to create beautiful pathways in your garden is to cover them with exposed aggregate concrete. This cement is abundantly full of stones and pebbles that stick out from the paving once the top cement layer is rinsed away. You can control the effects with your choice of coloured rocks. For example, blend warm reds, pinks and tan stones. Or else, opt for black, blue and white to add sparkle. The organic stones will blend the path with the garden environment. The pebbles add texture to make the pathway safer and less slippery.

Scored Concrete

You can also have your concrete pathways handcrafted. Concrete services can use saws to create scores and lines, leaving a patterned design. They can make squares, diamonds or rectangles in the concrete. Once colour is applied, the surface can look like gorgeous pieces of slate, for example.

Contact concrete services in your area for more information.