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Stamped Concrete Driveway Options For Different Home Styles

If you want to install a stamped concrete driveway on your property, you can customise it to improve the kerb view and harmonise with your house, regardless of its architectural style. Here are several options.

Traditional Homes

For a traditional home, the contractors can treat the concrete driveway to mimic bricks or cobblestones. To create the lines and patterns of this paving, they press moulded stamps into the cement before it completely hardens. The moulds come in a wide range of designs, so you'll have plenty of variations on a similar theme.

For example, you could select a stamp with a running bond or herringbone brick pattern. Some stamps emulate the clean edges of brand-new bricks, while others simulate bricks that are old and roughened. You can alternatively opt for a cobblestone design. Once the contractors apply different colouring techniques, the concrete will have the earthy reds of bricks or the blue tones of cobblestones.

Modern Homes

If you have a modern house, you may want to use other types of textures on the driveway. For example, you could choose seamless stamps that give the impression of a continuous stone surface without joint lines. Because it doesn't feature paver patterns, this driveway style has a clean and unfussy appearance. It will coordinate with a minimalist landscape. Another idea is to opt for the look of large square pieces of sandstone. Or you could select stamps that look like timber.

Old World Settings

Stamps are also available if you want to create an old-world look for your driveway. One design you could create with stamped concrete is that of slate pavers set in a European fan design. This circular layout is ornate and charming. Contractors don't even have to worry about the complexity of the pattern with stamped concrete because they apply texture mats with the design moulded into them. Though they do have to carefully align each mould so the edges line up.

Your contractors may suggest that you add a decorative border to your driveway. They can use a contrasting stamp that they press along the edges. You could opt for one colour for the driveway and border or choose a contrasting edge hue so it stands out.

Even though these stamped driveways are decorative, they have the toughness of concrete, which can easily bear the weight of vehicles. You can protect the designs with a sealant that can be applied every few years or so. Your installer can suggest a suitable maintenance routine.

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