How To Clean Your Ashphalt Driveway

A smart asphalt driveway certainly adds kerb appeal to your home, but stains can spoil the look.  Spills can occur while oil top-ups are being carried out and autumn leaves are accumulating and decaying, leaving dark "shadows" in their wake.  Fortunately, you can shift the majority of stains yourself using items commonly found in the home.  Any particularly stubborn or widespread marks should be addressed by your local concrete contractor such as Melbourne Asphalt Contractors. [Read More]

Tips on How to Protect Your Workers from the Dust Produced by Drilling or Sawing of Concrete

Drilling or sawing of concrete produces dust which is harmful to the health of your workers. The dust contains Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), which causes a disease known as silicosis. RCS destroys the lungs by inducing the development of small nodules, which result in breathing complications. It may take years for symptoms of silicosis to show, especially when a worker is exposed to low levels of RCS. However, daily exposure to RCS may not be so kind in triggering the disease. [Read More]

Making A Concrete Floor For A Garage

As peoples' garages are mostly used for storing vehicles and other equipment, having a floor made of concrete is a preference held by many homeowners. Concrete is solid, durable and can last for many years. It is also virtually maintenance free – requiring only a brush to clean – if the floor has been properly done. This article looks at the process of constructing a concrete garage floor. Make A Frame [Read More]

Boost the Safety of Your Scaffolding With These Seven Items

If you have a team of people working on scaffolding, safety needs to be your number one priority. In addition to safety training, there are a number of sometimes surprising things that can make your workers as safe as possible on your scaffolding. Think about these seven essentials: 1. Martial arts training While your employees aren't likely to need to defend themselves on your scaffolding, they may fall, and many martial arts train them for that. [Read More]