The Basics of Concrete Resurfacing Laid Out for You

Concrete resurfacing is a technique used to make dated concrete appear fresh and new again. In this process, the builder applies a concrete coating on the old surface with a range of textures, patterns and colours to go for. Concrete resurfacing is applicable to pool decks, patios, driveways and indoor spaces. Traditionally, the go-to option would be to strip the concrete to the core and lay it down afresh. Resurfacing helps you cut costs while delivering equally good results.

Polished Concrete in Comparison to Other Common Floor Options for the Home

Polished concrete provides practical flooring for the home, for kitchens and living areas, offering many attributes that compare well with other types of floors. Consider the following comparisons. Colour Options Many flooring options such as carpet, ceramic tiles, laminate and vinyl, timber and natural stone offer various colours. However, they don't provide virtually unlimited choice, because you purchase these materials in their complete form.  Compare this with the concrete polishing process, during which contractors can blend different pigments into the cement at the mixing phase.