2 Design Elements That Will Make The Exposed Aggregate In Your Outdoor Concrete Feature Steps Pop

Exposed aggregate is a popular choice to use when creating concrete feature steps in your outdoor dining area. It's not hard to see why; as well as looking amazing, concrete that contains exposed aggregate is hardy and provides excellent non-slip properties to outdoor areas that are often exposed to water. If you're looking for ideas to really make your exposed aggregate pop, then here are two simple yet stunning design elements that you might like to include in your feature outdoor steps.

To Kerb or Not to Kerb: Considerations for Race Track Owners

If you are thinking about building a race track or if you are a track owner considering modifications to your existing course, you may have noticed the recent controversy surrounding the kerbs at the track for the Austrian Grand Prix. As a track owner, you may be wondering whether or not you want kerbs at your track. Here are a few signs that you need them. 1. The track is in an area where it frequently rains.

Tips for a Successful DIY Core Drilling Project

Having the expertise to undertake projects around your home is a cost-saving option to hiring contractors every time you need something done. Core drilling is one of those simple projects you may be planning to undertake. It could be to accommodate utilities such as plumbing or electric wiring, or to create a drain hole in your garage or driveway. Whatever the reason, you want to ensure that your core drilling project runs smoothly.

Concrete Pavements: Three Patch Repair Options for Cracks

Concrete pavements and driveways are ideal for residential properties. This building material is resilient under pressure, durable and can be customised with texturing tools and colours to improve visual appeal. Unfortunately, concrete surfaces are vulnerable to damage, and this often manifests in form of cracks. The issue can be primarily attributed to poor pavement foundation, heavy-duty usage and porosity of the concrete. If you have identified cracks in your home's concrete pavements, here are the main patching options to consider during repair.

3 Effective Ways to Reduce Employees' Exposure to Concrete Dust

Concrete cutting is a job that every concrete contractor may have to do at some point. When cutting through concrete structures, the safety of workers should be given utmost priority, as dangerous clouds of dust are usually produced at the work site. Concrete dust contains silica, which is harmful when inhaled. Here are a couple of effective ways to help reduce the amount of dust that your employees may be exposed to during concrete cutting jobs:

Signs That You Need Foundation Repair

One of the worst fears of many homeowners is finding out that they have a problem with their foundation. There are many different types of problems that can arise when dealing with a home's foundation, which is why you need a professional to handle any repairs that may come up. As soon as you start to notice that you are having a problem with your foundation, then you need to call in an experienced professional to take a look.