Beautiful, Strong and Compelling Concrete: Ideas, Tips and More

Making A Concrete Floor For A Garage

As peoples' garages are mostly used for storing vehicles and other equipment, having a floor made of concrete is a preference held by many homeowners. Concrete is solid, durable and can last for many years. It is also virtually maintenance free – requiring only a brush to clean – if the floor has been properly done. This article looks at the process of constructing a concrete garage floor.

Make A Frame

Start by making a basic wooden frame that you will use to hold the concrete in place until it has dried. The frame is quite easy to do; simply measure and cut the wood so that they can be pushed against each wall of the garage. Before putting the frame in place, spend some time removing any debris from the floor. A perfectly clean floor will allow you to get a good end result. Once clean, place the frame around the bottom of the walls and secure together with a few nails. The frame will support the concrete as it dries.

Mix The Concrete And Begin To Pour

Use a wheelbarrow to mix the concrete and mix it according to the instructions. When pouring, make sure you do so evenly. This can be helped by pouring the concrete slowly. You are looking to make a first layer around two or three inches in height. You can then add in another top layer.

Add In The Rebars

Once the first layer of flooring is in place, you can place in the rebars for extra support. Pouring the concrete in this fashion will relieve any stress the concrete may otherwise suffer. Place the rebars (these can be purchased along with the concrete mix at DIY stores) at the ends of the floor and also from side to side, across the freshly laid concrete.

Pour The Next Layer

When the rebars are in place, you can pour over more concrete to make the final layer of the floor. Do this as the first load of concrete is still drying. With the second layer, it is important that you constantly level and even the concrete out – this will help to eliminate air pockets, giving you a better finish. To help the concrete settle properly, you can knock the wooden frame with a hammer; the vibrations will travel through the concrete and help it to settle properly. Trowel until the concrete is flat and smooth.

Allow To Dry

You should leave the floor to dry for at least twenty four hours. After this time, see if you can easily remove your wooden frame. If you can't allow it to dry for another day. Otherwise, remove the frame.

Once the frame is removed, you can tap the surface with a hammer to check that it is solid and crack free. If you have any trouble, contact a company like Liquid Rock Constructions Pty Ltd.